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Frank wants to join Empty Frank wants to join

Post  FrankRogan on Fri 15 Oct - 22:33

Hey fellow Lawyers, ive heard that you guys are an anti-pk gang and i think that what you guys are doing is pretty good.

I been playing since a lot of time ago with diferents characters but now my current character is an unarmed old men called Frank Rogan, i like to help newbies with their tents or huntings, i allways carry a piece of paper where i write the names of trusted people, pkrs and thiefs. (i will post the pkrs names afther this)

Some traders don't trade with me because "im a freak" they say; Im not so intelligent and neither i can see too far, But im really good with my fists, im pretty healthy and Agile, and some people say that i have good luck.

I like to roleplay, hunt, and share histories whit other wastelanders.

Hablo Ingles y español bastante bien.
Realmente me gustaria unirme a su pandilla/banda y llevar un poco de justicia al yermo.

Good bye

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Frank wants to join Empty Re: Frank wants to join

Post  Naerk on Fri 15 Oct - 23:46

Welcome in this justice hall (Smile),

It's always good to see we have new applications. It is quite unusual to see fist fighters but this is not a problem for spreading justice in the wasteland. To hasten your assignment, the first thing to do is to join us on mumble. You can find details here.

Hasta pronto Wink

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