I would like to join TTTLA

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I would like to join TTTLA Empty I would like to join TTTLA

Post  Brother Kanker on Tue 28 Dec - 17:48

Hello! I would like to join the foreign section of TTTLA. Currently I have two charecters:
1) 21lvl Armor Crafter Lvl3 (SG 160, FA100, SC100,OUT160)
2) 21lvl SG Crippler (210SG, 100FA,70DOC,100OUT, 35% critic. chance, shots with pistols-desined to fight in turn based mode to cripple limbs)
3) want to do a strong energy weapon fighter for a TC purpose

Got own car, 3 tents(one near Redding) -also I want to buy a Gasstation there soon.

I would appreciate if you consider my application positive.

Brother Kanker
Brother Kanker

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I would like to join TTTLA Empty Re: I would like to join TTTLA

Post  chamo on Tue 28 Dec - 22:16

Hello Brother Kanker,

We are checking your application for TTTLA Foreign Legion.

You seems to be an experienced wastelander. That's a good point for applying in this section.

You have to be able to understand/speak english a minimum also.

Mumble its also compulsory. Try to connect when you can.

Last Action Hero
Last Action Hero

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