Current WWP government

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Current WWP government

Post  Naerk on Tue 8 Feb - 21:56

The Chancellor is the chief executive officer of Redding.
He will post a special thread in the The Chancellor's Room where he will express his politics in 2 to 5 lines.

Current : avv

Previous :
Max Goldrat (Contact), Chancellor II (dead)
Nexxos, Chancellor I (departure)

The Vice Chancellor for Finance is the city's chief financial officer.
He will post a special thread in the The Vice Chancellor of Finance 's Office where he will put the financial status of WWP bank account.
He will allocate funds in accordance of The Chancellor projects.

Current : And3aZ

Previous :
Balio (Contact), Vice Chancellor I (dead)

The Diplomat: He will be an ambassador sent to other cities around the wasteland, in order to represent WWP government, facilitate relations between gangs, and act on behalf of the WWP during times of negotiation and crisis.
He will post a special thread in the The Diplomat's Chamber where he will put the diplomatic status with other teams.

Current : Cryolead (Contact)

Previous :

The Chief Security Officer He will be responsible of Redding's defense.
He will post a special thread in the Chief security Officer's Headquarters where he will put the names list of the regular service soldiers and their ranks.

Current : Slaz

Previous :


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