Current employed members

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Current employed members

Post  avv on Thu 21 Apr - 15:47

In this thread we list all currently allocated roles, their rights and responsibilities and who is currently having the role.

Chancellor - avv
- Organizes general ongoings
- Being aware of town's situation
- Provides advice and help in various situations

Diplomat - Cryofluid
- Responsible of relationships between WWP and other gangs and cities
- Listens to the Chancellor politic's main lines and try to communicate them to the exterior of Redding

Chief of Security, night time
- Makes sure that the Redding Rules are respected
- Solves cases and does detective work

Vice Chancellor of Finance - And3aZ
- Organizes the stuff base
- Secures the tc box

Redding Guard
Guards - helps chief of security uphold the Rules
Jacob Cobra

Tasks of response
Hammer provider - Fridge Man
- Fills tc box with hammers for our miners

Repairs stuff in stuff base & town
- Valagar

People who are ready to fight for Redding.
- Killian
- Durr

Note As you can see guys, we lack people with actual roles, roles that have rights and responsibilites. If anyone has a role in mind that he would like to do, please either post it here or contact me by any method available.

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Re: Current employed members

Post  Durr on Sat 23 Apr - 21:14

Didn't you miss out on Soldiers of Redding?
It'd be a great role to have for those who dont feel dedicated enough yet but want to participate in activities when they can.
Guard would seem a bit of a hardcore role for most I think.

A part-time soldier role or mercenary would be nice also for the likes of whom only play once or twice a week.

And for those nonviolent but talkative folk, just regular citizen or commoner role would be nice.

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Re: Current employed members

Post  LagMaster on Sun 24 Apr - 10:27

i can be one of the town cryers

"where is my bell?"

if not, i can go and bring wastelanders to Redding, or organize such events
(^this with 1 condition: you let me have 3 tools and 100 SECs(for car))

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Re: Current employed members

Post  Killian on Sun 24 Apr - 10:33

I'll leave my energy weapon specialist character in Redding for mine patrolling and solving problems of the citizens.(energy soldier fits Ex-Enclave much more than gunslinger).

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Re: Current employed members

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