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Post  Ox-Skull on Tue 21 Sep - 12:32

Hi there fellow wastelanders, my name is Trader Ox, a.k.a Ox-skull.
Trader Ox has a female friend by the name of Sparkles ( my other char, a critical sniper) She can shoot the arse of a Mantis. Smile

My main focus is on trading, and im a strict chaotic good player, i hav helped many a wastelander with cheap HQ goods, and saved a few from near death in random encounters.

Being anti-pk doesnt mean i dont kill wastelanders, funny thing is my enemys make themselves, i hav a list of theives and murderers.
If someone try to steal/murder me, they go on the list.
My dream is economic domination.

I met TTT LA while they where taking some towns, and a comando force where at Redding doing a quick mine run. Thats where i met Heckler Spray.
I hav about 4 dedicated mates who play regularly, and 3 others who are on and off.
If you ever see a guy called SGT.Potato or PVT.Potato, tell him he is a legend. He mines almost non stop for the Hounds.

I plan on getting a Scrap Heap base (10k away) to do my trading and crafting from. It will be more like a shop than a base. But it will be well protected.
Following that, my most trusted member will have leadership of a gas station.

My most favorite thing in the wastes is seeing peoples reaction when i help them, and there like man your the first person i meet who helps instead of shooting.
And i say "Hey, Im Trader Ox man" Very Happy


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Post  Heckler Spray on Tue 21 Sep - 13:17

Hello my friend,

glad to see you're back !

Of course Ranger Hounds are welcome in this project.
We need people like you, traders, businessmen,... to make it gow up and to spread our ideas in the whole Wasteland.
As a member of the foreign legion (which doesn't mean you're under our command of course), you have access to the private part (called Headquarters), where we will give more infos and be able to chart our project. Feel free to post any question or suggestion.

See you soon Ox !

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