WWP has moved South

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WWP has moved South

Post  Cryofluid on Mon 16 May - 13:53

As Redding became recently a constant battlefield, WWP has moved south.

An outpost was built.
It's aim is the same as in Redding: to welcome newcomers and develop various activities there.

This place is hidden south of Junktown.

We have already hosted newcomers from big cities around

=> http://data.imagup.com/9/1120211816.jpg

We even had the visit of some followers of The Unity claiming The Master was not dead and even more determined than before.

Call us on Radio channel 911

We still have hope to come back to Redding one day!
Liquo plasma
Liquo plasma

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Re: WWP has moved South

Post  LagMaster on Tue 17 May - 19:13

so Redding RP project has (i hope) themporarely changed to Outpost RP project, with is better:
1. we have better controll of who comes in and who comes out
2. we can defend it easly
3. is in a more new player populated location

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Re: WWP has moved South

Post  Killian on Tue 17 May - 20:00

Damn. I love new Cryo's art. Atmosphere of the exile, exodus or whatever you call it. :-)
Hope we can do some trading events and hunting as much as we can!


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Re: WWP has moved South

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