Ideas of Jobs

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Ideas of Jobs

Post  naossano on Fri 8 Apr - 22:44

Minister of Justice

In case of someone disagree with his treatment. (like Mikhaelh139 who got chain killed for absolutely no reason, and complains about this)
Or in case of conflict between two guys, the minister of justice or his operatives could be summoned.
If the case seems worthy, he can recruit a judge and some lawyers to set up a trial.

This deputy could be elected, but won't be part of the government. He has to be neutral with the executive branch, but understand its rules.

So any considered troublemaker would have a chance to express himself, in in downtown, and weapon holstered. If the trial could be set now, the guy could be invited to leave and come back later.

Head of assembly

When it comes that the governement is about to take a decision that would change considerably the face of Redding, this guy who be responsible of getting the voices of the citizens, and report it. If the majority is agains't the governement's project, the governement would have to make an other project. (it would be set only for major and permanent issues, not for everything)

Master of entertainement

Would be in charge of making an event at least one time a week.
And won't have to worry about politics or work.
He could be not a citizen.

Feel free to add more proposal.
Our system need a big refresh, and we deeply lack of counter-power.

You speak french and love Fallout, Wasteland and post-apocalyptic culture ? Join us now.

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Re: Ideas of Jobs

Post  avv on Mon 11 Apr - 12:54

Minister of justice sounds plausible, it's nothing we as group can't handle but he could receive complains from victims of potential authority misuse, discuss them with the victim and eventually pass information forward.

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Re: Ideas of Jobs

Post  Killian on Mon 11 Apr - 16:59

WDRU (Wasteland Deep Reconaissance Unit)

People who getting bored by stand all time in one town, who wants to get adventure, visit other towns and do some good recon job for Redding town are warmly welcomed in WDRU. The main goal of this group is roam around the wasteland, help with caravans, visit other towns to gather info and (if possible) attract local populations to visit Redding and deal some buisness or even more into the town.

WRDU should consist small force 3-4 person and NPC Follower (Ghoul Sniper - already hired).
- At least 3 Charisma (5-6 for group leader)
- At least 100% of Outdoorsmanship skill
- Calm nature (no trolololing guys, sorry)
- Useful abilities (every patrol is long usually so we need people who are far more than "good in PvP/PvE")
- Combat experience

My proposition of squad:
cpl. Killian D. (merc lead, barter)
pvt. Valagar (repairman)
pvt. doc. Teal (field medic)
[One more person]

For field operations WRDU will be usually well equipped.
Armor: Combat Armor Mark II
Weapons: Assault Rifles (exp. mag.), H&K P90c, H&K CAWS, DKS Sniper Rifles, Plasma Rifles, Rocket Launchers, M60.

For urban operations we take lower gear to not pay attention.
Armor: Combat Leather Jacket
Weapons: Assault Rfiles (exp. mag.), 10mm SMG, Combat Shotgun, Scoped Hunting Rifle, Flamer, Laser Rifles

When unit will be officially formed and ready for first mission, WWP Goverment will ensure a gear for us.

We have to write a report after every patrol to the Chancellor and chief of intelligence if he would to get one.

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Re: Ideas of Jobs

Post  avv on Mon 11 Apr - 19:56

This gets my approval. The point apart from being cool rp is to gather information outside of redding and to teach our 2 new members some ways of the wasteland.

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Re: Ideas of Jobs

Post  Fridge Man on Tue 12 Apr - 19:04

What about someone caring about the mine? I dont know how this could be called or work,
but as i spent some of mytime near or inside mines, i thought i suggest it.

The mine officials welcome people in the mine and care about supplies of materials for the WWP.
They should have some slaves for speed up the mining, and also watch out for safety inside
the mines (in co-operation with guards).

Mine officials could also have a small locker or trunk inside the mine, to make sure there
are always some sledgehammers for newbies and citizens who want to mine.

The gathered minerals should be
a) sold at a market done by WWP traders
b) put into a stash for WWP members (maybe in a base or some in sheriffs office trunk)

Fridge Man

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Re: Ideas of Jobs

Post  Durr on Tue 12 Apr - 19:59

We need more artists, blues singers and melancholic poets roamin the streets.

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Re: Ideas of Jobs

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