MYSTIQUE: not guilty(as he says)

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MYSTIQUE: not guilty(as he says)

Post  LagMaster on Thu 6 Jan - 20:16

IRC chat:
[20:48] why you need TTTLA member?
[20:48] i dont know u
[20:48] i have car
[20:48] in tent
[20:48] of tttla
[21:11] well
[21:11] post on forum
[21:11] make acount
[21:12] what is ur nick
[21:12] in game
[21:12] im Mystiqq
[21:12] i want to talk with mrs purple or vsb bantz
[21:12] someone like this
[21:12] i am LagMaster, SniperLag, BlindMaster
[21:12] and every one with Lag in nick
[21:12] u know me ?
[21:12] mystiqq
[21:12] cuz i remember u
[21:12] from TC's
[21:12] saw you in city
[21:12] and city standing
[21:12] dude
[21:12] i have problem
[21:12] i was helping u in TC
[21:12] so i came fast with my car here
[21:13] i left my car in tent of guy called VSB bantz
[21:13] well, i will psot on the forum
[21:13] he told me that tent is avaible to a lot of members from TTTLA

he says that Bantz took his car, a buggy, can you specify this out?

also he told me he no CS, idk what to belive, he just asked for help

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Re: MYSTIQUE: not guilty(as he says)

Post  [VSB]Bantz on Fri 7 Jan - 20:17

MYSTIQUE is with RDA. Confirmed by himself.

I returned him his car.

EDIT: He said that the reason is no one else wanted him. He seems kinda confused Wink

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