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TTTLA Official Wanted List Empty TTTLA Official Wanted List

Post  Naerk on Sat 20 Nov - 14:02

Extracts from the TTTCode:

Extracts from the Tim, Tom and Ted Criminal Code

  • Sec. 32:
    Are considered criminals, any person committing any of the following acts:
    - Murder or attempted murder of a Law agent or any person with a clean criminal record.
    - Thievery, attempted thievery, racket, attempted racket, extortion, or attempted extortion of any person benefiting from full civil rights.
    - Damage or attempt to damage designated Law branches.
    - Obstruction or attempted obstruction of an officer on duty.
    - Insulting an officer on duty.
    - Preposterous, slanderous, seditious, and/or insulting talks, public or private, against the image of designated Law branches.
    - Attempted misuse or misuse of Law.
    - Complicity with convicted criminals.

  • Sec. 37:
    Any reported and/or explicit crime can be punished by a representative of Law. Current sanctions are given in section 38.
  • Sec. 38:
    Any crime must be punished. Repeat offenders must be treated with the utmost firmness. Every case described in section 32 is punishable by the death penalty. The given sanction cannot be immediately appealed to and must be delivered at the discretion of the representative of Law.

  • Sec. 50:
    Any person may appeal to the decisions made by representatives of Law by correctly filing a notice of appeal.


Currently, due to heavy prosecutions, our datas are temporary unavailable. We apologize for eventual inconveniences for our dear customers and please you to contact directly our office services during opening hours.

The TTTLA is able to offer rewards for information leading to the apprehension of the wanted outlaws. This information may be copied and distributed, however, any unauthorized alteration of any portion of the wanted list is a violation of TTTLA law (Sec 32 & 34). Persons who make or reproduce these alterations are subject to prosecution and, if convicted, shall be fined or sentenced to death, or both.

Special communique :

Please note that the TTT Lawyer Agency (CA) isn't reachable and then isn't currently able to provide our dear californian customers for our services. Our investigating department is working to reinstate the link to the bureau as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience. In the meantime, the nearest bureaus listed below are at your service to provide information about the Agency work:

DDD Lawyer Agency, Sunset Pass Blvd, Astoria (OR)
JJJ Lawyer Agency, Cradle of Justice Square, Phoenix (AZ)
PPP Lawyer Agency, Sandstorm St, New Carson City (NV)

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