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Post  LagMaster on Fri 20 Aug - 15:32

greetings Lawyers,i am(was) ina a PK faction and started killing people on sight, but now i saw the folowings of my actions and started to tell to my self: this is not how i whant to act

so i started to be a loner,will still depend on my "frends" but i will never go whit them again. so i start to hunt PKs that where my "frends" and those that killed me before that happened

but i was anti-PKing in BH and 1 of your members told me i am redlisted for you,and she shoted me(Miss Q was the caracter) you where one of my factions enemys, but now i do not have the same enemys whit my ex-faction

so i will do everithing i can to prove myself anti-PK, and to do my job whitout hetting shot by a pulse pistol in hte back,so test me to be worthy of not be on your red list

P.S.,can i have my stuff back?

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stoped PKing Empty Re: stoped PKing

Post  Cryofluid on Mon 23 Aug - 15:15

You will be tried soon.
Have you got a lawyer to defend your rights?
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