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Post  Cryofluid on Tue 1 Jun - 12:58

Aricvomit is trying to counter Wasteland domination gangs!

"The Allies vs. the ruskies and pols"

Even if they are anti-PK TTTLA couldn't ally them because we have ruskies in our alliance Evil or Very Mad

Do you want to know more?
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Post  Heckler Spray on Tue 1 Jun - 13:17

Well, I'll try to expain him that there're "good" and "bad" russian gangs...
I think he's talking about the Desert Alliance (and the Rogues, BBS, Red Dot, Chobo... of course), he probably doesn't know about the other anti-PK russian gangs from our alliance.

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Heckler Spray
Heckler Spray
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