Tim & Tom & Ted Lawyer Agency

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Tim & Tom & Ted Lawyer Agency

Post  Cryofluid on Sun 2 May - 12:34

7 juin 2241

Tim & Tom & Ted Lawyer Agency offers a sound expertise in business law, intellectual property and commercial litigation in the wasteland.
Our law firm’s services are mainly aimed at businessmen, raiders, gangs and even lone wastelanders. We focus on a long term partnership with our clients: our philosophy is to maintain, to accompany and to stimulate the growth and development of the business projects.

Whether our clients require our services for their transactions, the protection of their assets, tangibles or intangibles, or an intervention in order to obtain recognition and respect of their rights, our team of qualified lawyers will be able to intervene promptly, efficiently and professionally.

Our team is able to support our clients in their booming business activities in the wasteland.

We also have developed a network of affiliated offices to support specific needs of our clients (we work in partnership with VSB gang).

Note: This agency is compound of Orphans and Cajuns
Edit:: and Spades!

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Re: Tim & Tom & Ted Lawyer Agency

Post  chamo on Mon 12 Jul - 11:48

Cryofluid wrote: This agency is compound of Orphans and Cajuns

... And Spades !
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