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Post  avv on Mon 11 Apr - 13:32

Put new laws in practice this week
Plan is to put our new laws in practice preferrably next wednesday. We need policemen to Here's the place to discuss them. You can also discuss them together and contact me.

Establish Redding army
Redding army consists good pvp playerswho have tent full of stuff and pvp char near redding. They are required to use mumble during fights and irc so that they can be contacted. Anyone who we have befriended can join the army, soldiers don't necessarily need wwp membership.
Reason to have an army is that when we can quickly assemble a taskforce, there's less need to beg help from our allies and friends.

Hire a chief of security
The elections went rather unexpected way when it came to chief of security. Slaz and Picho both got 14 votes. I bet everyone is tired of voting for a while, it's cumbersome process, we need to get things rolling. We just pick a suitable player to do the job. As in we I mean I do the initiative and if we got people who firmly disagree, it can be discussed. Requirements are that the guy has to be active player and easy to contact. Mumble, and activity is necessary, aswell as IRC.

Reinforce Redding Guard
We need policemen to do police work. Being a guard is probably the hardest job we got. It's not about shooting and killing OUTLAWS all the time, but talking to people and finding out what happened so that justice can be put in action. Guards need far more differend skillset than usual fonline player, they require people skills plus calm and stabile temper. How guards act basically reflect how people see our project from the outside.
Guards don't need to be in mumble because they work in downtown most of the time, getting to know people and finding out who are redding regulars. Guard can also be a soldier if he meets the requirements but soldier isn't necessarily a guard.

I don't want to go too far with these plans, there's lots of work with these already.

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