North Bandits delegation

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North Bandits delegation

Post  Cryofluid on Tue 22 Feb - 8:34

It was late and it was time to go back to base nearby for a long sleep after a hard day.

But North Bandits cut my road!

Hopefully, they were here to talk, not to fight.
Apparently, they were not satisfied anymore with the
Treaty of Golgotha

Tension rises. Redding militia became nervous and some shots occured from both sides.

Maybe some girls and some drinks would do the trick to keep on talking.

Drink, drink and more drink => I hoped talking to be smoother.
But tension begun to rise up again, nothing is simple with North Bandits.
Some fights occured, some kills and a big mess in Malamute.

But well, open war didn't happen in the bar.

And we manage to find an agreement (Terms of this agreement will be detailed in private section)

North Bandits left city completly drunk early in the morning.

Some blood and corpses spread on the ground in main street but bloodshed was avoided.

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