Vote for the Chief Security Officer

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Vote for the Chief Security Officer :

54% 54% 
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46% 46% 
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Total Votes : 24

Vote for the Chief Security Officer

Post  Naerk on Sun 23 Jan - 22:36

The Chief Security Officer He will be responsible of Redding's defense.
He will post a special thread in the Citizens VIP section of forum where he will put the names list of the regular service soldiers and their ranks.

Program of "John Porno" :

“I will organize an always-ready strike force on the world map to intercept incoming attacks and get more WWP players involved.”

Program of "Fridge Man" a.k.a "G. Glock AI/PVP Monkey/Rheinmetall" :
“Peace trough superior firepower is my first goal.
To reach supremacy i want to boost the battle of combined arms -big gunners snipers and mutants- aswell as the communication during fights.”

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