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Post  Naerk on Sun 23 Jan - 22:33

Vote for the Diplomat Diplomat

The Diplomat: He will be an ambassador sent to other cities around the wasteland, in order to represent WWP government, facilitate relations between gangs, and act on behalf of the WWP during times of negotiation and crisis.
He will post a special thread in the Citizens VIP section of forum where he will put the diplomatic status with other teams.

Program of Cryolead :
“I will pacify the wasteland thanks to diplomacy and every wastelander will live in peace and harmony everywhere!”

Program of LagMaster :
“deal with the big factions to leave TC in Redding and the militia too(but i think TTTLA alies will need to do something)
Main ideea: if the OUTLAWS will leave Redding be than TTTLA and alies will leave a city, let's say Broken Hills, be”

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Post  LagMaster on Mon 24 Jan - 12:15

i also got a great ideea to help wastelanders and us in the same time, it will help Redding economy, security and turism at the same time
i will PM my ideea to Cryofluid, i whant only the best for Redding

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