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Vote for the Vice Chancellor of Finance :

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Post  Naerk on Sun 23 Jan - 22:30

Vote for the Vice Chancellor of Finance Financial

The Vice Chancellor for Finance is the city's chief financial officer.
He will post a special thread in the Citizens VIP section of forum where he will put the financial status of WWP bank account.
He will allocate funds in accordance of The Chancellor projects.

Program of Maul Rath :
“Free the rats!
Dissolv' gov'ment and give powa to my bros and littl' sista
Collect caps to hire scientists and keep up Grandpa 'search on rat brain development”

Program of Balio :
:”I will provide economic stability to Redding even in time of poverty by managing funds in a wise way. I have been managing TSAR finances for a long time and brought them into great stability, I intend to do the same with redding. If i'm elected i'll fill the account with a big enough amount of caps to start the project with some good foundation.”

Additional Notes :
"1. Gather donation from protecting factions to fill up a bank account and earn some interests
=> The ideal purpose is to buy one muttie per day with interests (or more of course)
=> These mutties will be used to protect Redding only

2. Plan a taxe each week for citizens, this taxe will be one trip to the mine, so 4 HQ iron or 5 minerals.
=> These materials will be used to craft stuff for the group of course

3. In time of peace (if it's gonna happen...), most of the interests will be allowed to mini event, according to the Chancellor of course.

So the main goal is to be independent as fast as possible and prevent the gang to spend a lot of caps each TC for stuff and mutties. IMO protecting faction don't have to pay (in stuff and mercs) for the "gift" they do to Redding citizens. So citizens pay our stuff (with the materials taxe), and interests pay our mutties."

Program of Naoeris :
“Let's create a shared account for important and trusted members of wwp.
All players would have to put in there, at least 10 000 caps, and 20 minerals (of any kind), the first time, and 1 000 caps (and 5 minerals) every weeks.
All allied factions would pay 100 000 and 50 minerals, the first time, to make their alliance official.
Then, we need to make a 5% to every trade in the city. (for item, slaves, taci, an other services, player to player. Otherwise, the trading site would be closed)
Let's also create a one time access in Redding, 5 000 caps per hour, paid by every outlaws who want to come in Redding.
100 000 caps, to be removed from the list.
5 millions caps, to remove an entire faction.

The wwp important and trusted members would all be responsible of watching that the bill has been paid, and that the money was put in the account, sharing intel in a topic.

This account would allow us to pay some bribe, to the biggest treat we ever faced : The super brahmins strike force.
This almighty creatures already managed to wipe all the city of Reno, and already managed to enter Redding fences.
If we do nothing, they will destroy us all.

If we manage to save some caps, after this tribe has been paid, we could use that money to help new companies to be built up, like a caravan to Junktown, a special event which need stuff and npc. (these new companies and events would also have to pay a bill after that)

This money could also be used by the chancellor and the chief of security advisor, if they both decided that the ecpense is worthfull.”

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