Vote for the Chancellor

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Vote for the Chancellor :

84% 84% 
[ 21 ]
16% 16% 
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Total Votes : 25

Vote for the Chancellor

Post  Naerk on Sun 23 Jan - 22:27

The Chancellor is the chief executive officer of Redding.
He will post a special thread in the Citizens VIP section of forum where he will express his politics in 2 to 5 lines.

Program of Nexxos :
“I will make Redding a town like none other, arrange various events which are in my power to control. Keeping the town busy, entertaining, and giving people a chance to live better.”

Program of Cane Sugar :

“FREE JET for ALL mine workers* see details
No longer Vana Mingo What at mine **see details
Support for new mine workers ***see details
Free medicine to mine workers **** see details
Free vote and clear, democratic elections ! ***** see details
EVERY VOTE = DOSE of JET! ****** see details
Tribals recieve support, vote for tribal doctor Sugar CANE!

*once per week
**if tribal chosen one come
*** free flint (1 piece) for new workers
**** our doctors stich uh for little piece of caps and ore*******see details
***** jet for vote for cane sugar, one time action, support dont guaranted
****** every vote = dose of jet, limited to first 5 votes
******* 4 hq ore or 8 hq minerals”

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Re: Vote for the Chancellor

Post  Nexxos on Mon 24 Jan - 0:29

As horrible as it might sound to some people, I will drop off from the voting due to my lack of interest to this game. I will list some reasons here.

1. I have gotten various reports from this town and watched how it looks. I was not amused.

2. Also my partial lack of interest, as I already mentioned. It might have been just the heat of the moment at the time when I posted my candicancy.

This is nothing personal. Just me and my things. Carry on.

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Re: Vote for the Chancellor

Post  Heckler Spray on Mon 24 Jan - 0:46

Damn, what a bad new, man.... Crying or Very sad

Well, I hope you find some interest after the next wipe, cause you're a nice chap and we 'd really like to make some role play thing with you and the Guardians. You guys rule !!!


Heckler Spray
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Serial Lover

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Re: Vote for the Chancellor

Post  naossano on Mon 24 Jan - 13:32

Shall we put this poll on holding ?

It is unfair if we have only one contestant.... Sad

You speak french and love Fallout, Wasteland and post-apocalyptic culture ? Join us now.

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Re: Vote for the Chancellor

Post  Cryofluid on Mon 24 Jan - 15:00

No man, Elections will proceed.

Since Nexxos resigned after the beginning of the vote I see the situation like this:
Nexxos is elected and has dismissed.

So the city's leadership will come in the hand of the second in hierarchy which is The Vice Chancellor of Finance.

He will hold this responsability (in addition to the one related to his function) until The return of The Chancellor => which means until several persons candidate for the post of Chancellor so that we will be able to proceed to new elections only for the Chancellor.
Liquo plasma
Liquo plasma

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Re: Vote for the Chancellor

Post  LagMaster on Mon 7 Feb - 20:54

i see that we don't have a chancellor, so i, LagMaster, propoze myself to this post as a temporarely solution, untill someone with a more deserving role in this project to take my place
probably the full concil showd wach my proposion, but i am fithing for redding to be safe

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Re: Vote for the Chancellor

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